Sports was my first love. I used to dream of playing professional football. I made it further than most by playing Division 1 football at the University of Illinois for three years. Those dreams came to a drastic end in 2014, and since then I’ve been looking for a different approach, to an old dream.

  • In 2016 I was able to attend the NFL Draft
  • In 2017 I worked with a handful of NFL Players
  • In 2018 Mesh++ piloted at the Super Bowl

So what’s next? I’ve officially partnered with Deryk Gilmore, Founder, and President of Day 1 Sport & Entertainment, to manage the business ventures of his NFL clients. I’ll be managing their marketing and branding until I set-up my own sports agency. No rush though, for now, I’m only focusing on one player, Dawuane Smoot.

AP Vin-5
Photo taken by Oluseun Arowolaju

I played with Dawuane while at Illinois, and we’ve always talked about how athletes need to be more than just athletes. Well, we’re making it a reality now!

Dawuane was the Jacksonville Jaguar’s 3rd round pick and just came off a 20 tackle season as their DE. Going into his 2nd year, we have some tricks up our sleeve on and off the field. Stay tuned. He was down with me from Day 1.