I used to be a passionate poet, but the world beat out my words. I turned to photography to speak for me, but a thousand words were too many. I tried vlogging, but I struggled to go from behind scenes to in front of the camera. I am an artist, I don’t know where I belong, I know that I want to, and because that place doesn’t exist, I must create it.

There is art in everything we do. An artist makes something out of nothing. They see the finished product often before onlookers. They have a vision and work judiciously until that finished product is just how they envisioned.

All entrepreneurs are an artist, and all artist are entrepreneurs. They create products that we consume on a daily basis. Products that either never existed before, or existed with something missing. Software engineers created Apple Music, and Producers and Singers create the music that fuels it.

Art makes the impossible possible. A lot of things that seemed impossible to me before became not only possible but probable, through the eyes of the creators around me. I now want to surround others with their creator.