Youth Minister, Bible Church of Reconciliation (BCOR)
Product Manager, PEAK6 Investments

At the intersection between faith and fortune, Oluseun Arowolaju has received, through various spiritual and and financial ventures a great respect from followers of Christ and operators of businesses. He sees the church as a community to bring to fruition of God’s Perfect Will in our lives, and plans on leveraging his gift of speaking, technology and team building to plant this seed in the lives of 1,000,000 people. 

With such a big goal, his plans on scaling including using software to do the work of The Most High. This website is the first instance of this larger vision. For now, Oluseun is focused on executing the roles granted to him at Bible Church of Reconciliation as well as PEAK6 Investments.

Oluseun is the Founder of a media company formerly known as KiD Media, where he worked with a variety of people from pastors, to professional athletes and politicians. Using his gift of collaboration, he has plans of converting it to a ministry in which he leverages media to achieve the Perfect Will of God. 

Oluseun has written over 100 articles read by thousands of people and continues to communicate via many different forms as medium to deliver his message to those willing to hear and see.

Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

– Matthew 13:13

He is a self-proclaimed polymath who leverages what he has learned from multiple disciplines to bring a unique perspective to solving specific problems.

His goal is to assist people in tapping into their hidden potential, by leveraging their strengths to conquer their weaknesses. These days he is currently sharpening my skills in Biblical history and philosophy, product management and programming. In his journey of polymathy, he has decided to go DEEP into sales engineering, social engineering and software engineering.

Follow his journey be checking this page for frequent updates, and your life shall never be the same again.