There are two hemispheres of our brain’s Neocortex.  The “Right Brain” controls our creativity and compassion, art. The “Left Brain” controls our logic and scientific thought, tech. When both hemispheres strike a balance, the Neocortex now becomes the Chief Executive Officer of the brain, and true Intelligence (Intellect + Creativity) is born.

My name is Oluseun Kayode Arowolaju, and I am a polymath. My intelligence is multi-dimensional. I leverage what I’ve learned in multiple industries to bring a unique perspective to solving specific problems.

What I learned playing football at the highest collegiate level, I use to build start-ups. What I learned from writing poetry, I use to craft marketing plans. What I learned from praying, I use in public speaking.

My goal is to assist people in tapping into their hidden potential, by leveraging their strengths to conquer their weaknesses. These days I’m currently sharpening my skills in product management and programming. In my journey of polymathy, I’ve decided to go DEEP into sales engineering, social engineering and software engineering.

If you can build it, I can sell it. If you can sell it, I can build it. If you can do neither, I can convince you-you can. Right now only two of these statements are true. Those truths is what I will live until it is time to complete them all. In the meantime, I’ll be constantly evolving, and so will this platform.

Keep Inspiring Dreams,

Thank You.