Halfway to your destination – you begin to panic. Anxiety sets in as you begin to realize you have a huge mistake. Decision making begins to fatigue as you contemplate turning around. The cause of all of this? You left your phone at home.

I’ll be the first to admit that I spend more time on my phone that I’d want to. Hidden under the productivity tools of our devices, email, notes, and task managers, lie an infinite amount of distraction, time-wasters, and addiction.

The irony of it all is that the excuse the productivity brings with the hours we spent being unproductive gives way for the necessity of carrying these devices everywhere.

But what if I need to call someone? What if someone wanted to reach me?

The truth of the matter is that in most situations, we just scroll aimlessly, being connected to the web where billions of people around the world have access, all the while being entirely disconnected to those around us.

One day spent thinking shattered my entire perspective about my phone – the concept of time.

The more time passes, the less we have.


I turn 27 in less than a month. As I get older, I begin to see time slip away from me. The time I have left with my parents, decreasing. The time I have left with my life partner, decreasing. The time I have left with my children, decreasing.

Armed with this in mind, the very thought of wasting time began to aggravate me. I manically evaluated everything that I felt was a sunk cost in my life and made a plan to eliminate it. As a technologist – this is one of the fundamental reasons for building products. To reduce inefficiencies.

This made it very hard to admit that the device that brought technological advancements to my pocket, was the biggest proponent of the inefficiencies in my life. Every minute I spent on my phone – was a minute I couldn’t spend intentionally with my family, taking care of my health, or increasing my productivity.

As I continue my adoption of minimalism – I’ve decided to adopt three products that I believe will improve my quality of life.

  • Light Phone – Reclaim your Time
  • Kindle Paperwhite – Strengthen your Mind
  • Remarkable2 – Brighten your Shine

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement nor am I receiving anything from this blog. My opinions are my own.

I will do future installments about the Kindle Paperwhite and Remarkable2, but for now, I want to talk about what I hope to achieve by buying a phone with no internet.

Light Phone – Reclaim your Time

I’ve spoken to my fair share of successful people. In business, finance, sports, acting – you name it. The one thing I’ve noticed about them all is they are incredibly disciplined with time management. Most of them have tight schedules and at times it would take months to get on their schedule.

There is no way that they’re spending even 1 hour scrolling aimlessly on social media.

The productivity hack that I want to share with you is that if you put in the time now, you won’t have to later. If you sacrifice today, you won’t have to tomorrow. The time you put in today will be reflective of the results you receive tomorrow.

As it stands today, my Light Phone has an alarm, phone, texting, calculator, and two podcasts – one being my own (open to suggestions as I’ll obviously be listening to a ton with this device).

In the three days that I’ve been using this – I’ve found myself being more present, paying more attention to details, having more original thoughts, and overall just feeling better about myself. I know it’s not the device that’s doing this, but the decision. For those of you with more discipline than me that can delete apps on your phone and choose not to launch the browser to use them – do that.

I’m sure the results will be the same.

I’ve set some pretty ambitious goals in my life and remarkable have accomplished most of them. This led to creating bigger goals that require a greater time allocation. A family that needs me. A purpose that needs fulfilling.

I am making a promise to everyone around me that, that they will have my undivided attention. I will give them all of me.

I am making a promise to my future self, that I won’t take longer than I have to, to become who I need to be.

I don’t want to be wishing I had more time, when I could’ve done something about it.

I wish the same for you.