Peace be on to you and your surroundings. 

The world as we may know it has changed, but the world as YHWH knows it remains the same. For he knows the end from the beginning, and the beginning from the end.

For this reason, we must, “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” – Proverbs 3:5

The future that awaits us splits into two: one is filled with Laughter and Celebration, one is filled with Tears and Depreciation.

The good news is we can have complete and total faith our future, by trusting in the plans promised to us in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

In this season, we must Trust in the LORD for our expected end to be peace and joy that The Most High intends for each and every one of us. 

To see this expected end, in the beginning, requires us to tap into a deeper level of spirituality by:

  1. Studying the WORD. The inspired Text will connect you to the inspiration, that is the LORD our G-d.
  2. Praying. Leveraging the wisdom and knowledge exposed to us through the Text allows us to get closer to G-d.
  3. Fasting. Making a sacrifice that his honorable and acceptable to The Most High. Loving the Spirit more than flesh, and loving G-d above all.

I want to encourage you to find and fellowship with Believers, for a lone soldier can never win a war. We have been given Generals in the Army of G-d, and we must listen to our Spiritual Leaders.

What To Expect

To prepare for this future, we must take a look at things from a macro perspective. Here are macro movements that will affect us in some way.


Education has been completely disrupted. One of the biggest arguments against online educations is the classroom environment provides contextual learning experiences that online classrooms could never provide. That argument, though possibly true, is censored from debates.

The transition to online has already happened and this force a discount and devaluation to degrees. With the cost of schooling reducing, institutions will be forced to increase enrollments drastically to maintain the yearly revenue required of them to pay staff, for facilities and equipment.

The cascading effect this will have is a reduced headcount to operate a school, which puts even more people out of work.

It’ll affect huge revenue-generating efforts at big schools such as sports. Those stadium seats will not fill up for a long time.

Overall an education is going to cheapen, meaning employers are going to look for more innovative ways to recruit and gauge talent potential, outside of the school you went to and your GPA (Academic integrity is a lot more difficult to maintain in remote settings)


Unemployment has skyrocketed and these rates are not falling as fast as they have risen. Many industries used this opportunity to ruthlessly cut costs, even if they haven’t been impacted by COVID-19 as much as other industries. Instead of re-hiring when the economy opens up, they’ll be automating. 

Companies are going to learn how to maintain their operations with this reduced overhead and discover what tasks can be automated. Automation will be a primary objective before hiring because it is more efficient and cheaper. What remains after automation will be the jobs that will be hired. Here are some jobs I feel are the least threat to automation.

  • Human Resources – This job maybe outsources, but a human interface is crucial to hiring and retaining. 
  • Business Development – Closing deals will always be a human endeavor. 
  • Engineering – Though a lot of aspects of engineering can and will be automated, engineers will be driving that automation. 
  • Product Management – This job requires such a high level of emotional intelligence that we won’t be able to attain soon with AI. 
  • Childhood development – Daycares, Pre-schools, and early childhood education will consistently be needed. 

Though there are plenty more fields – these are the ones that come to mind.


The economy has been on a borrowing spree since 2008 that lead to high levels of student, home, and car loans. With more people being left without work – a lot of these loans will go into default. With interest rates already at their low, there won’t be a lot that can be done here without damaging the economy beyond repair.

I believe there will be an era of refinancing that stabilize people and the economy that will cause near-term damage for longterm success. For young people – this is great. For older people looking for retirement, it could be catastrophic.

Many people are also going to enter the stock market. Reports have sown that retail accounts surged in the last few months as lowered equity prices are creating opportunities for people to, “Buy the dip”. This could be good or bad depending on your view of equity markets.

Lastly, it won’t be as easy as it used to borrow. Consumers are going to tighten their purse strings and really think long and hard about what constitutes necessities in the present day. Entertainment may be surging now, but eventually we will get back to the basics of food, water, clothing, and shelter as we then work our way back up Maslow Hierarchy of needs.

Take this time to stabilize your base, identify your goals and purpose, and use every stepping stone you can get a footing on to elevate you from the current trough of despair to the peak of your potential. 

In the end, it is your means that justify everything. 

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