I never truly knew what family was, until I started one of my own. I know family is used to describe friends, sports teams, companies and organizations -“We are a family here are (insert any group of 3+ people who want you to join)”.

What I’d like to describe is the very feeling of creating a tribe of my own. I’ve been a part of political organizations, to sports teams, and corporate companies. Nothing quite compares to a tribe where you’re not recruiting.

One of the greatest feelings is granting life and information to a spirit that’ll outlive you, God willing.

The responsibilities of a tribe is to make sure that all others entering the tribe will have the highest probability of succeeding. When people ask me why I’m confident in this process, I tell them how amazing Christine is, expressing my confidence in her.

I’ve started a lot of things in my life, but never had I felt the joy and bliss of starting a family with someone. It’s truly taught me a lot of about a lot, and I look forward to sharing those lesson’s in time.

But what I took away from this experience is how important the role of a woman is, in child-bearing –and the added stress society places on the matter. The fact that only a mother can experience this is awesome, but it’s truly a testament to intelligent design. Only they have this ability.

One of the things I love most when I met Christine was the amount of knowledge she had about motherhood. Most people avoid the topic and couldn’t imagine bringing new life into this world. That used to be me, so I know how it’s done. But then that narrative shifts so slowly, and then your conversations become much different.

And the conversation only gets better.

I could try to be witty and create some metaphor or scenario that explains the emotion, but that would be a fabrication not worthy of describing such a feeling.

I understand clearly the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” What makes it so exciting for me is that I have that village, that tribe and that support. I will always do everything possible to ensure that village is loved, protected and provided for.

The role that the workplace has on child-bearing is enormous. Imagine carrying a human for 9 months, recommended to stay at least six weeks with the child, and given only 6 weeks maternity leave and expect them to be right at work.

Well to your imagination, it’s some reality. There are many privileges to a man, and I’d be the first to admit it, but being able to work, not because you can’t, but because you care more about ensuring that our tribe is well.

My son is blessed to have a mother like that. One that can be so selfless, so alert and do so with grace. I’m excited for this new beginning and all the journey entails. But I’m even more excited to be on this mission with you.



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