On November 28, 2018 I became a father. It’s really no way to describe the feeling, but it’s magical. The common theme on how I’ve been feeling is simple: give him the best chance at life.

One day you’ll be old enough to read, and when that day come, here are some life lesson’s I’d like to pass on to you.

Be unique. You came into this world in an unconventional way, remain in this world in an unconventional way, and depart from this world in an unconventional way.

Don’t live your life to impress others, including mom and dad. We love and support you and want the best for you, and we hope you want the best for yourself as well. We’re already proud of you, don’t feel like you have to work hard to earn our love, it’s there.

Follow your heart. I believe that there is a spirit in everyone that points them in the right direction if they learn to channel and hone in on it. Sometimes that spirit will tell you to do things different than your parents, teachers, coaches and the rest of the world. Always listen to that spirit above all.

Ask questions. The curiosity of a kid is the foundation of their intelligence. The more you ask, the more you know. Don’t let the world steal this away from you by making you feel as if your questions are not worthy of answers. Chances are, they just don’t have the answer.

Study economics and computer science. I’ve noticed that these two fields create the most leverage for an individual in this age.

Read the Bible. Meditate on it. I will try my very best to instill the same biblical principles that has helped me in life, but also leave enough room for you to develop on your own. It’s a personal relationship that when you develop, can’t be destroyed by anyone.

Treat friendships like seashells. If you can hear the ocean when it you bring it close to you, there’s a story behind it and it’s probability worth keeping. If it’s like every other shell in the beach, throw it back in the ocean.

Learn to speak in parables. It’ll make your thoughts parabolic.

Avoid social media and technology addiction.

Participate in organized sports. The skills you learn are invaluable. Being a good teammate will make you a good partner, boss, friend and everything else. I’m writing this watching the Bears and Rams game and can already see you playing on Sunday’s. No pressure though :).

When you’re ready to start your first company, I’ll be your first investor. I want to support you in taking those risks because you’ll learn more than I can ever teach. Experience is a greater teacher than any classroom or lecture.

Life hasn’t been easy and it’ll never truly be easy. We just pass our blessings or burdens down from generation to generation; and I’m positive that you’re going to be a better version of your mom and I.

You’ve given me a motivation that I can’t describe and I plan to cherish all the moments that I can. Welcome to the world, and welcome to the family.

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