Today I went through a series of thought that affirmed my belief that life is about probability.

The Initial Thought: Probability Theory

When you’re taking a multiple choice test, you don’t have to know 100% of the answers to get 100% of the question right. If there are four answers in any given question, you have a 25% chance of getting it right, or you have a 75% chance of getting it wrong.

Probability boils down to two things, uncertain data and random outliers. From here, we want to increase our own probability by adding more data or outliers.

Data is the easy one here, if you just went over information or data on the topic of this question, you increase your probability. Conversely, if you’re drawing a blank on the information or data concerning the question, your probability remains the same.

The only way that your probability decrease is if you have the wrong information or data.

If you’re 100% that the data points to one of the answers, you will be right. Also if you’re 100% sure that the data points to three of the answers, you know not to select those leading to you being right.

The Second Thought: Game Theory 

Now it’s time to increase our random outliers. I was taught to think like the teacher when taking a test. [Can I get some rhetoric points for that alliteration there?] This is one of the greatest aids to increase your probability. It’s not quantifiable, but the intuitiveness to think like the game maker will make you better at the game.

Why did she design this test [game] like this? What does she want the tester to do, or not do? Did she design this to be a difficult test or one where we can never be wrong?

Why is Seun confusing me with these theories I know nothing about?

Because I want to increase your probability of success.

Someone somewhere increased your probability of making it in this world. From the earliest time of our birth, it’s our parents. Even before then, a lot of it relies on the mother too, you know, being pregnant.

Her body bends and changes to accommodate all the needs of this unborn child. What she eats and how much she’s stressed. Next is your immediate support team. How did your dad make this happen? What about mom. Did they make it easier or more difficult to support the unborn child and increase her probability of life?

Next is government and societal. Does the government even allow this child to be born? Does society support you bringing a child forward? Do they provide healthcare and aid to the child?

I can go on and on but the point is that someone created this game, and we’re playing against other players that either want us to win or want us to lose.

At the end of the day, there are so many outliers that are beyond our control. What situation we were born into, was our support adequate, even what country we were born into was out of our control.

The important thing is to focus on what we can control. At some point, the probability of our life and success is out of the hands of others, and we completely immerse in the Game of Life.

The more data and information we have, and the more blessed (some call it lucky) we are, that higher this probability will be. Moral of the story, get closer to the Game Maker and make the best decisions possible with the data you have. That’s what life is about. Let’s win together.



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