It’s been established that 25 is my number. I wouldn’t consider myself a numerologist, but the number 25 has had a significant impact on my life, and now that I’m turning 25, I can only imagine what this year will have in store for me. To kick things off, I’m starting a new job, my company is entering into a major contract, and our church is hosting a powerful event, all tomorrow.

Because of all the good, I’m receiving, for my birthday, I want to give. Here are 25 lesson’s that has utterly changed my life for better in these 25 years.

#1 Keep God First

If you keep up with my blogs, you’ll see a spiritual component to all I do. Growing up in the church wasn’t enough for me, but actually immersing myself in the divine that surrounds us all. Keep God first and you won’t be last.

#2 Listen to your Parents

My parents knew nothing about America before arriving. They couldn’t help me with my homework, apply to college, or even the job search, but their intuition for their children is powerful. There’s a very intuitive aspect of probability theory and leveraging the intuition of your parents will increase your probability of success.

#3 Question Everything 

I know I just said to listen to your parents, but question them too. I’ve been known for question authority because I couldn’t just take everything at face value. I always wanted to know why. Looking back, I wish would’ve asked more questions. Sometimes we’re afraid to raise our hand in class for one reason or another, but our questions will never be answered if we never ask, so question everything.

#4 Take Risks

If you’re 25 and younger, you might not be married or have children yet. This is your time to take risks. Start that company. Get that degree. Pursue that passion project. Travel. The older you get, the more responsibility you’ll bear, which increases your risk premium.

#5 Avoid Debt

Debt is slavery. Avoid it at all costs. It’s an amazing feeling not owing anybody. I can’t wait to feel that feeling again. If you’re in school, apply for as many scholarships as possible. Avoid car notes and credit cards. Build your credit with debit.

#6 Love

Love is a powerful thing. If you put love into the world, it will return to you in the form of all the things you love. You can’t have what you hate. If you see people in relationships and you’re bitter, love will flee from you. If you see someone starting a company and you’re hating, entrepreneurship will flee from you. You can’t have what you hate.

#7 Be of Service

Networking to me is being of service to others. When I network, I don’t look at what people can do for me, but what I can do for others. The people in my network usually reciprocate when I need it, but at the beginning of my career, I just wanted to help as many people as possible, and I still do.

#8 Learn How to Learn

There’s a great course on this that also suggest a really good book to read. I’ll leave it to you to explore this. If you learn this lesson, you’ll learn forever.

#9 Don’t do Unpaid Internships

This may be pretty controversial, but if you can avoid it. never do an unpaid internship. Companies are making way too much money to not pay all that is contributing labor to their organization. Unless your industry is one in which unpaid interns are a norm, avoid it. And if you are in that industry, try to change it.

#10 Learn to Code

You don’t have to become a software engineer, but learning to code gives you a picture of how the digital world works. It’ll give you a framework of thought and if you actually enjoy and become good at coding, the job market will heavily reward you.

#11 Write Everything Down 

I don’t mean to do notes, but actually your thoughts, dreams, goals, and aspirations. When you’re writing things down, you etch into your subconscious and you will continuously work towards it, even when you’re not conscious of these actions.

#12 Read Books that Interest You

I am really good at reading books, and terrible at finishing them. I believe writers become lazy toward the end of books and a bulk of the lessons are at the beginning. Never the less, books contain the hidden gems of the world and the eternal thoughts of the greatest minds and thinkers.

#13 Stay Away From Echo Chambers

If you’re in a circle where everyone is always in agreement, you’re around too many like-minded individuals. Spend time around people who share different thoughts, perspectives, religions, degrees, and you’ll understand the world much better.

#14 Study Philosophy 

Philosophy is the father of all disciplines. You learn how specializations come from by understanding its umbrella. I’ll even get you started, google St. Thomas Aquinas and Rene Girard. Their philosophies are extremely relevant in the present day and both are some of the greatest theological philosophers I’ve come across.

#15 Befriend Older People

I never thought I’d have friends twice my age, but that’s more of a norm for me. Older people have a wisdom you’ll only gain through a lifetime of making mistakes. Don’t make the mistake of not learning from their mistakes.

#16 Practice Meditation 

Meditation is hyped up these days, but it’s actually really powerful. Simply put, meditation is controlling your mind and your thoughts. If you can control your own mind, you’ll prevent it from being controlled by others.

#17 Avoid Procrastination 

Procrastination is just the habit of prioritizing the unimportant before important. When you make a habit of always doing what’s important, you’ll end the habit of procrastination.

#18 End Instant Gratification 

The Buddha says desire is suffering. If Buddha was alive in 2018, he would say social media is suffering. The Enemy of Progress: Instant Gratification: A blog on this topic.

#19 Engage in Healthy Debate

One thing I love about a debate is learning about opposing viewpoints. It may or may not change my own views, but it’ll always strengthen my perspective, and a stronger perspective makes for better debates.

#20 Work in a Start-up

This will give you an idea of how small, media and large enterprises operate. All companies began as start-ups. The opportunity to grow an enterprise is amazing. If you ever come across the change to work in a start-up, take it. The risk to reward ratio is far higher than that of working a traditional job.

#21 Work on a Political Campaign 

Nations operate on the sole basis of politicians campaign for the votes of certain demographics. Being a part of this allows you to understand to geopolitical nature of our world and how we can actually affect change through these strategies.

#22 Travel

Even if it’s just going to a different city or state. Going to a different country is preferred but traveling is enlightenment. Contrary to popular belief, traveling is pretty cheap. Eat different food and engage in other cultures. This will give you a greater appreciation for the world.

#23 Always be Yourself

Consistency is key, even when it comes to your personality. Being consistent about yourself involves never changing in the midst of others. You might not fit in, but this will force the people who are for you to find you.

#24 Embrace Pain

Pain is going to come. Sadness is going to come. But joy comes after. The important thing is to embrace that pain so that peace and happiness can taste that much sweeter. Confront your problems head on so that those situations will be easier to confront the next time around.

#25 Love Always

Love is the most powerful thing we can do. It takes us to a different level of being and contributes to the greater good of the world. I love you for reading this, and I hope that love finds you everywhere your soul travels in this world. ❤


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