It’s October 14 and things aren’t going as you’ve planned. You’ve set ambitious goals for yourself, and you’re wondering what went wrong. The job you wanted fell through. The acceptance letter you were expecting never came. You’re still falling into the bad habits you wanted to get rid of.

The cycle is beginning where you’re already planning your next year’s resolution. Ten months later you’ll be doing it again.

How can a whole year go by without you accomplishing your goal? There are 365 days in a year. Surely in this amount of time you can get anything done, right? I wrote a blog awhile ago about time management, checkout here for more context on this one: Time Management: No More Mr. Nice Guy.

I am extremely guilt of this. Time seems to go so fast, but the most thing I’m guilty of is procrastination. I’m reading a book that’s teaching my how to learn, and one of the primary causes for procrastination is distraction.

Then it hit me, I don’t have a procrastination problem, I have a distraction problem. The reason you’re putting things off is because you’d rather do something else at that time. You won’t send out that e-mail tonight because you’re rather sleep. Sleep distracted you.

You don’t want to create that proposal because you’ll rather be on social media. You don’t do things not because you don’t want to, but because you’ll rather do something else. As minor as this is, when it compounds on a daily basis, what you could’ve gotten done this year, will probably take two years.

When you look at time as finite, you want to get everything done with a sense of urgency. Though I’m guilty of distraction and procrastination, I do live life with a sense of urgency. I simply don’t have time to waste, and when I waste time, I feel guilty about it.

If I’m out with friend’s or even family, the entire time I’m thinking about what I could be doing with that time. As I shift my mindset into prioritizing time instead of delegating it, I tend to see an increase in focus and productivity.

The key to accomplishing your goals, is to dedicate structured time to them. What works for me might not work for you, but when I’m in start-up mode, I don’t operate by a traditional clock. I wake up, work for as long as I can, then go to sleep. Unless I have obligations on my calendar, I don’t police my life with a lock. Time is man-made.

Now I know this may not work for everyone, but it truly is a great way to maximize time without feeling as if you’re running out.

Another thing I’d do if this isn’t feasible, is to wake up as early as possible. You’re almost forced to stretch out your day because your internal clock will keep you up until the sun is setting.

All in all, we must reboot our internal operating systems. Complete a hard reset of our lives and everything we believe to be true. Reality is just an aggregate of perceive truths so it’s easy for other reality’s to be your own. When you create your own truths, you create your own reality.

Read this thread and wait for the next post, it’s going to be deep.


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