Self-fulfilling prophecy. This is a social and psychological phenomenon that forces us to rethink how we approach life. Our expectations lead to the results that confirm that expectation. Many times you hear about people “putting it in the Universe” when in reality it’s just them hoping that their expectation is manifested in the real.

The Universe doesn’t necessarily favor any individual. If the Universe favored each of us, then why do we have unfavorable circumstances? If the Universe favored us all, why are people so hungry and poor in the world. I find it hard to believe that the Universe only works in favor of those that already have a leg up, mainly those of us in western society.

The truth of the matter is that we all have a set mindset based on our view of the world, which shapes our expectations. If you grew up poor, your expectations of the world would differ from if you grew up wealthy. None of us can change our current situation, but we can have a mindset that can alter that of the future.

There’s a reason why some people are optimistic. Looking up and expecting favorable circumstances to meet me at my needs. There’s a reason why others are pessimistic, expecting the worst. From both lenses, the fear of disappointment is what drives each perspective.

You’re optimistic because you fear the worst happen. You’re pessimistic because you fear the disappointment of the best not happening. In both, the action that follows will align with the expected outcome.

If you want the best to happen, you will do everything possible to ensure these favorable circumstances occur. If you’re afraid of being disappointed with the best not happening, your actions will move to match the outcome with that expectation. So much so that when your pessimism is confirmed, you’ll affirm your self by saying, “I knew it wouldn’t work out”.

My perspective is that we should all work for the most favorable circumstances to occur. And doing so requires our actions and expectation to align.

I want to become a software engineer. So I’m going to write as much code as possible and learn as much about computer science to make this happen.

I want to start a company. So I’m going to learn how to start a company and work every day to make sure this company is successful.

Now wanting or having this expectation doesn’t mean it’ll happen. But we all want to be right, and our need to be right will force us to take the necessary steps to confirm these expectations.

You can see how dangerous this mental model can be if it’s in the negative or pessimistic set. If you expect failure, you’ll hardly try. You will subconsciously work to meet your expectations.

A research study was done to show the effects of a self-fulfilling prophecy and the positive effects it had on students. Read it here.

The study couldn’t be done on the negative effects of self-fulling prophecy because it would be unethical to force to students to be pessimistic; but an assumption stands that if positive thinking results in positive self-fulfilling prophecies, then negative thinking results in negative self-fulfilling prophecy.

So before you complain about someone being so positive or optimistic about it, look like the logic, and the psychology behind it. Then ask yourself, have you ever met a successful person that was pessimistic about their life? I personally never. The evoke confidence and optimism. Especially in entrepreneurship.

Taking risks and pursuing success can be extremely methodical. It’s not all luck. I think I’m going to write a book titled, “Science of Success” to exemplify these examples further.

Attack the week with a spirit of optimism and positive, and fulfill the prophecy of your expected success.

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