Everything is connected. We left off on last weeks article exploring the role of probability in this creation theory. Now we begin to explore the interconnectedness of things, but more specifically, quantum entanglement.

I’ve written about this briefly, but I believe the depth of this topic warrants its own post. Let us breakdown what quantum entanglement by first defining the two words.

Quantum is defined as the minimum amount of any physical entity that’s involved in any interaction. To simplify, it is a term of measurement of the smallest integer of any quantifiable property.

Entanglement is a relationship or involvement that compromises the participants.

Quantum Entanglement introduced by E. Schrodinger is the entanglement of predictions.

We are able to make this predictions based on the partial knowledge we have of the state of two systems. For example, let’s bake a cake. This cake can some in two shapes, square or circle. The four possible joint states for two cakes are (square, square), (square, circle), (circle, square), (circle, circle). Between cake 1, and cake two, there is a 25% probability of having one of the four possible joint sates. IND-01

The tricky part is that knowing just one of these states in an independent system, does not give adequate information about the state of the other. Knowing that one cake is square, doesn’t tell us that the other is either a square or a circle. The inverse is also true. Knowing the second state does not revel information about the first.

However, we know that our two cakes our entangled if information about one improves our knowledge of the other. If cake 1 is a circle, we know that cake 2 is also a circle. If cake 1 is a square, cake 2 is also a square. This is only true when the two systems are entangled.


The ability to reach this state of entanglement is to know as much as possible about the only system that you have. No matter the distance that separates these systems, quantum theory tells us that we will always get those results. If we measure both systems for a shape, the shapes will be entangled. If we measure both systems for a color, the colors will be entangled. But if we measure a color of a shape, entanglement will cease to exists because the properties are independent, thus preventing any correlation.

That was heavy, so let me bring it back. Study yourself. Study your business. Study your family. The more you know about yourself, the higher the probability of predicting things to come, and what you are entangled with.

When you combine intuition, with reason, probability with interconnectedness, quantum mechanics with entanglement, great things happen.

The next post is going to tie everything together, and give you the ability create any and everything.

The Art of Creation: Part I – Probability

The Art of Creation: Part III – Memory



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