To pinpoint a single occurrence or event in my life that turned the tide, altered my trajectory, and changed my life forever is extremely difficult. It forces me to relive the moments in my life where I wasn’t who I am now.

As I think back on that moment, I realize that it’s a merkle tree of moments. At the very top of that tree is the moment that we moved to America. There is no doubt that coming to America changed my life forever. I wouldn’t have had the same opportunities in Nigeria as I’ve had here. But there are other leaves of this tree that I intentionally placed.

The One Thing That *I Did That* Changed My Life Forever was putting my own education into my hands. I’ve never completely put my faith and trust into the educational system. The older I get, the more I realize that that was the most important decision I’ve ever made.

Early in the days of my formal education, we were being taught how to write in print. At the time, I was teaching myself to write in cursive. At that moment, I learned how to learn. Learning how to learn, and putting it in practice has been the single most important lesson in my life.

Fast forward to business school. When my professors were teaching me about business practices and theory, I decided to start a company. I learned more about business by starting one than I have learning how to start one.

I don’t believe that I was a faster learner than everyone, I’d even consider myself a slow (patient) learner. The difference is that everything I learn, I apply immediately.

Learning to learn and applying what I learned has given me more than I could ask for. Taken me places I never thought. The great thing about it, I can do this forever. Constantly learning and constantly applying. There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s going to continue to change my life more than it already has.


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