Before you read this post, listen to this song:

I feel like I could copy and paste the lyrics to this entire song and call it a day. The relationship between my mom and I has transformed from a mother-son relationship to her developing me as her protege.

When I saw her this morning, I thanked her for carrying me for 9-months, and another 25 years. It’s like she went from carrying me in her stomach to carrying me on her back, literally and figuratively.

There’s no question how much our mothers sacrifice for us. Just to give us a chance at life, an opportunity for success, they’d embrace all the pain in the world. We all know the importance of having an earthly mother, but my mom is more than that, she’s a spiritual mother as well.

That has been the single most important thing in my life. My mom couldn’t really help me in my educational journey, or in my career, but inadvertently as a spiritual advisor, she’s guided me through it all. This particular line sticks out:

My mama told me go to school, get your doctorate;

Somethin to fall back on, you could prift with

But still suported me when I did the opposite.

I was supposed to complete my graduate program last summer but I dropped out to pursue my dreams. She was extremely skeptical, but she believes in me. Til’ this day she keeps telling me I have to go back and finish (and I will) but it’s just because she wants better for me than I want for myself at times.

The reason for this is that she is the only one that knows me from conception and knows the future she envisioned before I could even conceptualize it. This is why the role of a mother is integral in our individual journey.

Thank you to my mom, and all the mothers in the world that has guided society in the right direction with their intuition. I’m confident that the world is a better place, and will continue to be, with them in leadership positions.

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