In Part I, I talked about the importance of having a “Blank Slate of Mind” if you want to conquer anything, especially your own fears and emotions. After that, you have to put yourself in an environment that serves as an ecosystem, not an echo chamber. The chances of you regressing back to your original state of mind, or going back to your familiar environment (comfort zone) are high. The only thing that can get you to your final destination, is you.

I don’t think there’s a silver bullet that can get you over that hump. Whether it’s preventing you from jumping into something new, or keeping you from letting go of something old, it’s in your head. This is why it’s important to have that clear and open mind going in, and only expose your self to people and content that align with your intended outlook.

This day 5 years ago, my older brother passed away. A lot of people don’t know because I never spoke about it, it’s just one of those things where you have to find a way to cope. I left off on Part II talking about what is stored in your memory affects the probability of your actions. I mind trick that I started doing at an early age is only allocating space to the good or positive memories and focusing on those.

One of the most grudging parts of being an athlete is the constant onslaught of physical exertion and mental fatigue. But if you talk to anybody that has seriously trained hard, the best feeling is right at the peak of that fatigue and the journey back to equilibrium. This feeling is what pushes someone to run a full marathon, for those like 30 seconds. It’s why entrepreneurs will dedicate their entire life to a company, for that moment where they deliver to their customers, employees, and investors.

If you focus on the bad, you’ll be distracted because of there just too many bad things. Focus on the good instead, and on how you can make the best out of today, for a better tomorrow. There’s a tool that I use to make these promises to myself, it’s called a PACT. This allows me to set 12 specific goals, and I change it from time to time. All in all, they are goals that further my personal obligations, increase my knowledge, further my career, and keeps me sane!


  1. God is the number one thing in my personal life
  2. The second is my family, by blood or virtue
  3. Entrepreneurship is my 3rd personal obligation


  1. I want to learn more about the psychological impacts of Internet
  2. Sharpen knowledge of Python and OOP
  3. Socioeconomic impact of blockchain/cryptocurrencies


  1. The career of a serial entrepreneur
  2. Become a published author/researcher
  3. Teach others, by any means necessary


  1. Writing, always make time to write
  2. Take more scenic walks with camera
  3. Supplement reading with podcasts

I’m passing this along because I remember when I used to mentor undergraduate students and how much it kept them motivated, as well as myself. It also keeps you accountable. After a couple of months of constant work, peek up and look at your goals. Have they changed, or have you?

Comment below (anonymously if you needed) a PACT that you’re going to make for yourself. If not, write it in your notes or journal, just put it out in the universe and put positive energy into it. I really enjoyed putting this together, and the next series will be about the Law of Attraction…stay tuned!

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