blue-sky (blo͞o′skī′)



a. Not limited by conventional notions of what is practical or feasible; imaginative or visionary: “Proponents of blue-sky thinking often cite the Wright brothers as validation” (David Colman).

Blue-sky thinking and mindfulness are a major component in my life. I truly believe that our thoughts influence the outlook we have on life. Blue-sky, as defined above, is not limited by conventional wisdom. The truth about conventional wisdom is that it’s never new information. It’s never innovative. I would even argue that convention and innovation are opposites.

Conventional wisdom told the Wright Brothers that they’d never be able to fly a plane. Conventional wisdom told Elon Musk that he’d never get a spaceship on Mars. Blue-sky thinking is what made it all possible. Our greatest scientists, innovators, and inventors have always steered away from conventional wisdom. They challenged all that we know to be true, and introduced new truths, new possibilities, and new beliefs.

Now that we have used blue-sky thinking to come up with our idea, use mindfulness to focus on it. You probably practice mindfulness without knowing it. Simply put, mindfulness is when you focus on any one thing, constantly reminding yourself to refocus when you find your thoughts wandering.

Or in the case of this photo tapping the capture button on my iPhone 6. The traditional art of mindfulness teaches us to focus on our breathing. Every time you find yourself not focusing on your breath, just kindly remind yourself to focus on it again. Every time you do this you get better at. The amount of time you’re in focus becomes longer, and the amount of time you’re out of focus becomes shorter.

When you set that goal for yourself, kindly remind yourself (and others for that matter) that you’ve set this goal, and won’t stop until you accomplish it.

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. William Arthur Ward

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