I used to be afraid of it. Every time I got close to love, or what I thought was love, it just slips away from me. Sometimes it’s my fault, sometimes it’s not. The outcomes remain the same regardless. It’s like when you want something so bad, you look for it in the strangest places, hoping to find it. You get so lost in it that the lines blur between fear and faith. Fear that you’re meant to be alone, and faith that you won’t. Fear that it would be a waste of time, and faith hoping that it won’t. Always choose faith.


There are going to be a million and one people who come in and out of your life. But there will be a rare group of people that you get to actually grow up with, and watch grow old. Always choose family.


Some of those million and one people who come in and out will stay for a time being. This friendship is essential to the soul. Always choose the right friends.


If you want something…I mean really want something


Then you should go get it and let nothing stand in your way. To the stars.


Enjoy your meals. Stop eating so fast, you deserve that for yourself.


Always find a way to chase your dreams. Even if it’s on the side.


Drink water, exfoliate and mind your business!


Get Out…of College


Stay off your phone. Put it down. Enjoy the moment.


Do what the other loves once in a while, it really means a lot.


Even if you’re tired…that time together is priceless.


Be patient.


Extremely patient. It pay off.


You’ll eventually be in your happy place again


Your knowledge will take you very far in life


Whenever you get the chance, travel.


You deserve nice things too, shop, but live within your budget.


Nvm, adulting is hard. Sell everything and save as much as you can.


Always read the instructions. It will save you a lot of time and trouble.


Treat other with the same kind of love and respect you want.


It’s the simple things that matter most.


Everything doesn’t need to be planned, just go.


Surround yourself with people who have similar aspirations


Always love yourself. Seriously.


Being loved and knowing you are loved is one of the greatest feelings ever. This feeling must start with everything that you do. Love just doesn’t magically appear because you are in a relationship. Saying you love yourself, doesn’t mean you really do. It’s something you have to choose every single day.

La has taught me a lot. But the best thing about it all is that she’s so humble. She’s working a full-time job downtown Chicago, and has her own place. She has two degrees, and her own production company in the making. Choosing love doesn’t mean it’s okay to not get love back. It’s just a thankless job.

Loving is giving it your all regardless of what’s reciprocated. You don’t choose love for others, you choose it for yourself. You’ve taught me a lot about love. Pictures say one thousand words and I hope every single one of those is “I love you”.

Happy Birthday to my amazing girlfriend!

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