Chapter 10 Bankruptcy is defined by The Free Dictionary as filing for bankruptcy protection while you come up with a plan to reorganize and save your business. But his blog isn’t about business or bankruptcy, it’s about depression. The same concept applies though. At some point in your life, you’re going to have to acknowledge the fact that everything isn’t okay. You have to analyze your life and your situation and figure out what exactly went wrong, and how you’re going to fix it.

I titled this blog, “Chapter 10 Depression” because it’s time to come up with a plan to protect you from depression, reorganize and save your life. Depression is a common medical disorder that negatively affects your life. I don’t think anybody’s too good or too great to escape from the feeling of being down. It’s normal to not be happy all the time. It’s normal to feel anger and sadness and the rest of the emotions we face on a day-to-day basis. There are a number of mental illness that affect people everyday, but depression is different.

In the 10th Chapter of the book I’m currently reading, ironically titled ‘Depression’, quotes that, “Occasional depression is humanly unavoidable, consistent depression is dangerous”.

Our lives are filled with constant highs and constant lows. The moment those lows come sooner and stay longer, you have to address it. You have to be honest with yourself and admit that, “I’m not okay, I want to be okay and I’ll do whatever it takes to be okay”. You have to go THROUGH your problems and not just try to get around them. The book gives many suggestions on how to combat this, but I have a few of my own.

The moment I’m starting to feel depressed, I ask myself if I need to be around people, or to be by myself. This is important to consider because it’ll completely change the way you deal with your emotions. The thing about depression is that it affects more than just yourself. It affects the people around you as well. If you know you’re not having a good day, it may be best to stay out of the way.

Being asked, “What’s wrong?”, “Are you okay?” and having to lie by answering, “Nothing” and “Yes, I’m okay” can get exhausting and bring unwanted stress. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, so I have to always be conscious about what I’m wearing.

I answered this question for myself on my previous blog, #YouGoodBro? No, I’m Not.

On the flip side, it may be beneficial to surround yourself with people. Earlier this year there was a tragic event at my brother’s school. I left everything behind, in the middle of the week, at a moments notice. At that point, school didn’t matter because family is everything to me. Having a support system filled with friends and family that care about you can do wonders, but you have to reach out. Having just one person that you can reach out to and talk to about your problems are essential. If we never knew he needed that extra support, we would’ve just went about or normal lives. Ignorant to the fact that one of our own is hurting.

Last but not least, pray. Always depend on God. 1 Peter 5:7 tells us to “Cast all of our anxiety on Him, for he cares for You.” I know everybody don’t believe in God or Church, but substituting prayer for meditation is essential for you. Being able to work through your problems strategically can alleviate the pressures in your mind. This can be a random get-away, a trip to the park or working out. Do something you love. When I get really down and stressed, I forget about everything and write. I could have a project that needs to be completed, or a client that needs to be contacted or whatever it is. Nothing is worth your mental health. Take care of yourself NOW and not later.

If you are seeking any type of advice I am always down to help.



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