I was about to write a really long Facebook post, but that’s what I started a blog for.

John 3:16 says that for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. That right there tells me that with love, comes sacrifice. As I’ve gotten older and began building a stronger relationship with my mom, I’ve realized the vision she has.

Almost 20 years ago she decided to pack up everything and move to America. Leaving behind her family, friends, business and everything else to start a new life in America. We literally put ourselves in the worst possible position, for the sake of education.

Coming to America with nothing at all, we lived in a Church on the north side of Chicago, and paid rent by cleaning it. From the very moment we arrived, me and my brother were enrolled in school. My brother being too young for pre-school, was enrolled in pre-pre school. Every time we moved, was because the public school in our area was either too dangerous, or wasn’t academically strong.
By the time I got to high school, I had already attended 7 different public schools. Because private school was too expensive, we sought out the best public schools in the safest areas. When college came around, I only applied to one university, that was Illinois. Then grad school came around, and still, Illinois was where I wanted to be.

Because of my parents sacrifice and constant reinforcement of performing well academically, I’ve seen the life that they intended me to have. I’ve been in school my whole life, literally. My parents invested in my education in different ways, because financially I was on my own. I would’ve never gotten this opportunity if not for their sacrifice. My mom has literally been there every step of the way. Coaching me and guiding me on this journey.

I know when my turn to be a parent arrives, I’ll be willing to make those exact same sacrifices. Whatever it takes to make your family proud & happy, do it. A family is the best support system anyone can have. Now that my nephew is the first to be born in America, he’ll have a team of uncles that can help him in ways we couldn’t be.

Faith & Family is all you really need.


thank you

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