We all do it, myself included. But after I read an article a few years ago about the importance of valuing your days here on earth, I’ve made a conscious effort to enjoy today. It’s actually a lot more difficult than you think to stop looking forward to the weekend, or the future in general. Even as early as elementary school, where 3-day weekends brought us smiles and summer vacation was the biggest anticipated event of our lives. We all anticipated and looked forward to it.

In college, those 3-day weekends seem to stretch to 4, with Thursday being assimilated into the weekend as “Thirsty Thursday”. There’s even a checkpoint for the middle of the week, Wednesday, called “Hump Day”. To me, all of this is just an attempt to rush through the week and get to the weekend.

Enjoy today. I say this to stress the importance of finding time every day to just enjoy the moment. Our lives are constantly filled with stress and we will pay any amount to escape from it all. The only solution to combating stress is unstructured leisure time.

The difference between leisure time and free time is that free time doesn’t come from you. Free time isn’t free. That free time you have between classes really doesn’t belong to you, it belongs to getting to your next class. The free time you have between shifts is probably going towards your lunch break. The weekend that you can’t wait to get here probably needs to go to your friends & family.

Leisure time, however, is what’s leftover after your obligations and priorities have been completed. For a lot of people, this may be zero. All 24 hours of your day are completely taken up and you’re just hoping that the weekend will alleviate this. The weekend becomes a quick fix to a problem that happens week after week after week. “Thank God it’s Friday” turns to, “I can’t believe it’s Monday” real quick.

Finding time out of every day do some self-reflection, meditation and self-healing will allow you to make it through those difficult days. It should also be done at your leisure. Whether it’s the first thing you do in the morning, or it’s spread out through the day, do work bests for you. Waiting at all to address the internal issues that we face or even our stress will wear you down. Burnout is a real thing, trust me I know.

The fact of the matter is always looking forward to the future will make you miss the present. If you need that break, then take it. Your mental health is not worth the things you are stressing over. We need to be in the best shape possible to tackle life’s everyday problems, and that starts with confronting them and not running from them. Take care of yourself so much that at the end of every day you can say, “today was a good day”.

thank you

Listen to, “Today was a Good Day” by Ice Cube, and have a nice day.


One comment

  1. Very well pointed out free time versus leisure.

    “Happy Weekend” is a phrase that has been foreign to my understanding ! I’m happy to see that you’ve realized the same, that further affirms why I felt the urge to follow your blog.

    Sharing with you that it was no incident that placed such viewpoint in me, but rather I have always found it strange to associate happiness with days as in “good day” or “bad day”.

    Hope, I may ask you if you find such view uncommon or not, as I think it is an oddity !

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