Today is my last full day in San Francisco, California and I decided to take a moment a reflect. This journey started in Champaign, Illinois where I and several others drove 15+ hours to Austin, Texas. After a couple days in Austin, I then caught a flight to San Francisco, California. By tomorrow I’ll be back on a plane to Chicago, so I decided to write a quick blog to reflect.

During this trip I’ve learned a lot about a lot. Don’t worry, I have plenty of writing to do and you’ll get the lessons too. I’m always learning and seeking information, and for the first time I found answers to a questions I’ve had forever. These answers didn’t come from experts or chief executives, they came from myself. I’ve been asking myself over and over, “What is my purpose in life?” “Where will this journey take me?” “How long until what’s in store for me is here?”

During this trip I’ve realized that you just have to ride that wave until you get there. Just liking roadripping or flying, you have to treat your life like a journey. When you’re sitting in the passenger seat, you have absolutely no control over where you’re going or when you’ll arrive. You just have to sit there. Yeah you can give the coordinates to the driver, but you’re not in control. Nobody likes a backseat driver anyway, so you’re better off just trusting the driver and enjoying the ride as best as you can.

Translating this back to life, I’ve learned to let God drive & I just sit and enjoy the ride. My dad wrote a book some years ago, “Why Worry? God is in Control”. The reality is, we never know where our journey is taking us, or how long it will take us to get there. You can estimate all you want, but those are just assumptions. You can plan out every aspect of your life, but you’ll soon come to realize that nothing ever goes as planned. As a project manager, that’s a lesson I’ve learned over and over again.

The important thing to know is that you are not a failure because your plans have changed. The one thing that must remain constant is the end goal. For our trip, the end goal was Austin. The GPS said we would get there in 15 hours, but they didn’t count restroom breaks, gas fill ups or even taking the wrong exit; which all happened. Regardless, we knew what our end goal was and quickly got back on course.

It doesn’t matter how you get there, just get there. It may take you an extra year to graduate. You might be out of work for another 6 weeks. No matter what your situation or setback is in life, never forget your end goal. You may have to reroute, but you’ll get there, trust me. Don’t quit.


thank you.

enjoy this song “California Love” by 2Pac & Biggie

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