@ChanceTheRapper donates $1 Million to Chicago Public Schools

Chance the Rapper announced that he plans to donate $1 million dollars to Chicago Public Schools. In an effort to bring awareness to an ongoing problem, the rapper took matters into his own hands. After meeting with Illinois Governor, Bruce Rauner, he expressed that the meeting was very vague. The disappointing conversation forced Chance to look for another way to address this issue. He sent out this tweet on March 3 to keep hope alive.

Monday came around and hope was restored. Chance held a press conference announcing his plan through Instagram’s live streaming feature. The plan is to donate $10,000 for every $100,000 donated via Chance’s non-profit SocialWorksChi.org. He finished this conference reiterating a statement to Governor Rauner that he should, “do your job”.

Watch the conference here on Periscope:

#KeepInspiringDreams Chance, thank you.

About the Author O.K. Arowolaju

Youth Minister, Product Manager

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