On October 29, 1929 or “Black Tuesday”, the stock market crashed and sent the U.S. into what was known as the “Great Depression”. As a history buff, it is important to understand how volatile the stock market may be, and that it’s no for sure way to make money. It does however, give you the ability to become a part owner in a company as well as receive dividends based on a company’s performance. If the company does well, so does your portfolio. But if they plummet, the value of your shares go down as well.

Though there are way more complicated ways to get involved in to buying and selling shares of stock, I’m going to share some advice that I got when starting to invest in the first time.

Download Acorns 

This app allows you to start investing with just $5. Its an easy way you can invest small and large amounts into exchange-traded funds or ETFs, based on the information you disclose.

If you really want to start buying your own stocks.

Download Robinhood

This app allows you to trade stocks, FREE. Their mission is to “democratize access to the financial markets”. Basically, they steal from the rich and give to the poor. I recently used this app to purchase a share of Apple. I chose apple because I own so many Apple products, so I thought it would be cool to be a part owner of the company. That is what stocks are. A type of security that give stockholders a share of ownership in a company.

Start your path to investing now! Whether you’re rich, or you’re poor, you have access to these markets. My brother wrote a detailed guide on investing that can be emailed to you, free of charge.

Happy investing!



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