Today’s my first anniversary ever in life. I’ve never done anything for a year straight, except probably breathe lol. I’ve spent the past year trying to figure a lot of things out, but one of those have been myself. I had a pretty good understanding of who I was, but only in certain situations will that really unfold. Pressure either burst pipes or creates diamonds, it just depend on what you’re made of. I had to truly know who I was. If you don’t know who you are, you’re going to have a very hard time trying to communicate that to someone else.  I don’t have all the answers, but here are what one year of this has taught me:

Three is a crowd, two is a couple, one is what you want.  

If I would of listened to everyone that played that 3rd person, I would’ve never gotten with her. I’m sure if she listened to those same things, we would’ve just stayed friends. A year later I’m happy about how private we’ve kept our relationship. You control everything about your relationship that other people know. EVERYTHING. Don’t air dirty laundry. Remember that a private life is a happy life. What you do affects the other, don’t make them look stupid.

Honesty is the best policy.

Don’t lie, just don’t do it. There is no such thing as a “small” or “white lie”. Don’t try to minimize it. When you lie, you focus all of your energy in keeping up with it, than you do simply just making your partner happy. Don’t lie about anything, ever. On the flip side, you shouldn’t tolerate a lie either. If you give someone that inch of lie, they’ll take the mile.

Too much of a good thing, is a bad thing. 

This goes for relationships too. Me and my girlfriend spend a lot of time together, but we also have other obligations we have to commit too. We are either doing homework, at work, an internship, board meeting, or what ever. It is important to set aside time exclusively for each other, but don’t ruin your priorities for the sake of a relationship. Choosing your significant other over work/class may seem cute now, but not when payday comes & you short or graduation comes and you don’t graduate. Don’t be that person.

Stay in your own lane!

Do not compare your relationship with anybody. Don’t even compare yourself with anybody. All that brews is envy and jealously. If you’re waiting on your signifcant other to start acting or being like someone else, your relationship is already over. Don’t let social media fool you. Think of it as a highlight tape, you know that’s not how they always play.

Create your own rules

Society will tell us how a man or woman is supposed to act in a relationship, & i’m here to tell you that all of it is wrong. Even this blog. There is no way to prove whether doing one thing or the other will lead you to a successful relationship. The truth is, you have to set those rules and standards for yourself. You control what you accept, you control how you allow others to treat you. Demand nothing but respect.

Finally, just be friends. True friends. Friendship is one of the biggest bonds to non-family members can have. If you have to think twice about whether or not they’ll support your dream, or help you when you’re in need, they’re not your friend. A friend is someone that understands their role in your life. A friend is someone that looks to build and grow with you. The only thing different is you think this special friend could potentially be your husband or wife one day, and it’s worth that chance. Love will always find a way.

This blog is dedicated to my wonderful girlfriend, Christine La.

Thank you for your unwavering & unconditional love.

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