Searching for Humanity’s Greatest Common Factor.

O.K. Arowolaju

Oluseun K. Arowolaju
(Oh-loo-shay-oon Ah-roh-woh-lah-joo)
Interests: Theology & Psychology
Work: Trader, PEAK6
Ministry: Teacher, RCLN & BCOR
Hobby: Jiu-Jitsu, Writing, & ChatGPT
Podcast: Greatest Common Factor

My Theme for 2023 is Discipline & Hardening. Follow that journey here.

  • A Promise to My Future Self

    There is a framework I developed while mentoring students at the University of Illinois. I was a mentor for about 100 students in the Office of Minority Student Affairs (OMSA) program. Many of them had similar backgrounds as I did so I simply shared with them what worked for me. As I progressed in my…

  • An Essay on Nonlinear Career Paths

    A pet project of mine as of late is researching complex systems of nonlinearity, better known as Chaos Theory. I’ve always been fascinated with interconnectedness, feedback loops, and interdisciplinary study and always been considered a “Jack of all Trades” kind of person. But selecting a career can be discouraging to many like me. It’s discouraging…

  • Tabula Rasa by O.K. Arowolaju

    Less is more. True abundance comes with contentment. I’ve written about Tabula Rasa before, so I won’t repeat words. What I do want to emphasize is the power of letting go and starting over. I have a deep infatuation with starting things from scratch. As a result, I’ve built myself up and tore myself down…